The Yotta Safe Advantage

Critical business data is being created and stored on end-user laptops and desktops. With IT resources scarce, you want to be sure that your
file system data is protected and that in the case of data loss, the user can recover files or folders on their own.

Get comprehensive protection for your endpoints against data deletion, corruption and attacks minus the hassle of provisioning and IT dependencies.

Get access to easy deployment, hassle-free maintenance, unlimited data transfer, automated daily backups with advanced encryption and much more.

Data Security

Yotta Safe provides a highly secure & compliant service to protect your corporate data using  automatic back-up and restoration.

  • Secure Access to Corporate Data

    Protect data from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its lifecycle, in transit and at rest.

  • Data Protection against Ransomware Attacks

    Restore data back point in time before the ransomware/malware attack.

  • Backup Data Encryption

    Ability to support external KMS like Gemalto, SafeNet, KeySafe for complete backup data encryption at the destination.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Mitigate the risk of data loss using file level encryption (FIPS 140-2 Certified), remote wipe capability and geo-location.

Governance & Compliance

Be it your corporate governance policies, enterprise risk management programs, and regulatory & company compliance, Yotta Safe ticks all the boxes.

  • Data Governance

    Leverage Policy based retention, Legal Hold and Case Manager for enhanced compliance capabilities.

  • Accelerate Legal Hold

    Manage legal hold requests automatically with pre-cull data and user data preservation leading to easy investigations with federated metadata search.

Self Service Capability

Comprehensive policy driven Desktop & laptop backup recovery with delegated admin & role-based access for end user. Also it extends a simple web console with consolidated reporting & security control.

Multi OS Support

Provide an enterprise-class solution that delivers efficient, centralized laptop/ desktop data protection with multiple OS (Windows, Linux, and Mac) support & provides anytime, any device access to the data.

Multi File Support

Ability to protect and restore files across the whole device. Backup Content can be different types of wildcard characters and irrespective of the location of the files/ folders, the data will get protected.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Enable rapid, efficient, reliable, and transparent protection through dynamic bandwidth management and source side deduplication technology.

Quick Restore & File Sharing

Self-controlled action can be initiated for faster recovery through self-service Portal. Ability to securely share files and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

Enhanced access & eDiscovery

Preserve, protect, and access business critical information captured from desktops and laptops whenever necessary to meet any eDiscovery or compliance challenge.

Top Five Requirements to Consider

Before selecting any endpoint data backup and recovery solution, be sure to read our buyer’s guide.

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Geo-tracking & Remote Wipe Out

Allows you to monitor the location of your endpoint device and remotely delete data stored on it if needed.

By having the ability to track and wipe out data stored on a device remotely, ensure that data is protected if the device is lost or stolen. Additionally, remote wiping can be used to protect sensitive data on a device if the user's credentials are compromised.

Advanced Reporting

Get detailed insights into the data stored on your endpoint device. This includes reports on the size of the backup, which files were backed up, when the last backup occurred, and more.

It allows organizations to identify potential problems with their backups, such as which files are not being backed up, not been backed up recently, or taking excess space. This helps to ensure that data is properly backed up and protected.

Maintain Version Controls

More granular retention policy can be set.

It involves tracking and managing changes to files and data stored on Yotta Safe over time. It allows users to view the history of changes, revert to a previous version, and compare different versions of a file or data set. This helps ensure data accuracy and integrity, as well as providing a way to track changes.

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